Autodesk Construction Cloud is a suite of software tools designed to help construction professionals manage their projects more effectively. It includes a range of products that cover different aspects of construction project management, such as design collaboration, document management, project scheduling, cost control, and field management.

Ingest ACC data from BIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Takeoff, and Autodesk Build into Toric for no-code data integration, engineering, and visualization.

With the Autodesk Construction Cloud connector, users can:

  1. Access project data (i.e., Files, Cost Items, RFIs, and more) for no-code transformation and visualization
  2. Easily join ACC data with other tools like Revit, Navisworks, and other sources to create meaningful insights with all the context you need
  3. Quickly access current and past versions to compare progress and changes over time
  4. Build interactive reports and dashboards on a project, regional, or executive level
  5. Create and share insights that optimize processes, reduce costs, and enhance project management

Configuration guide

Setup time: 4-5 minutes



Connection to Autodesk Construction Cloud data requires only a few simple steps:

1. Install Toric from the Autodesk App Store